What Is Deer Antler Velvet?

The Couple And The Product......

Deer antler velvet is a 100% renewable 2,000 year old super supplement with over 390 naturally forming, active ingredients that has a huge number of benefits – put simply.

Have a read below about for a little bit about the greatness of this amazing supplement and a little about the couple behind this great product.


The Kingly Couple…

“We started Kingly in 2012 with the goal to take this amazing supplement to the world and we are slowly getting there.” Says Sean.

Sean and Adele have been working hard on making this amazing product available to everyone they can.

“We just knew we had something that could help change the lives of people suffering, so we had to have a go at telling them about it..... And that is the hardest part – telling people! Spreading the word about deer velvet has been hard, but the reward we get from our customers amazing stories makes the 12hr work days worth it! Nothing makes us happier than checking the email in the morning and finding a note from someone telling us how our product has changed their life – what a feeling.” says Adele.


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The Product....
As we mentioned above – deer velvet is a 2,000 year old super supplement with a huge amount of benefits and hundreds of active ingredients.  It is also the only 100% natural, renewable source of glucosamine and chondroitin in the world!

Some of the 390 active ingredients include – IGF1 and 2, lipids (omega), iron, magnesium, amino acids, proteins, calcium and so many more!
The first uses of deer velvet were discovered on a scroll dated 168BC and has been an integral ingredients in Tradition Chinese Medicine every since – and is second only to ginseng as the most important.

Deer are the only mammals in the world that grow an appendage year on year and it is this amazing growth ability that has been attributed to forming the amazing range of active ingredients found in deer velvet – making deer velvet 100% renewable.

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The Name:
The name “Kingly” comes from the ancient term “Kingly Herbs” – the name given to an elite group of herbs used by the wealthy and royal thousands of years ago. This name defines the strength and regal nature of the stag (male deer) and signifies the power this amazing product gives people. We are bringing people the health secrets of the ancient Kings.


The Kingly Velvet Range:
Kingly Pure Deer Antler Velvet:
The 2,000 year old “all-rounder”
Kingly Life deer antler velvet:
Our arthritis and joint support supplement
Kingly Active Deer Antler Velvet:
Our sports recovery and training supplement


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