Deer Antler Velvet Benefits

How Will It Benefit You?

We have all heard the new “buzz” words in the natural health industry like – Omega 3 and 6, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Amino Acid, EPA, DHA, Iron, IGF, Magnesium, Copper...........


Here are three “buzz” words for you – Deer Antler Velvet!

Here are a few associated “Buzz” words – 390 active ingredients, the most natural supplement in the world, contains Omega 3 and 6, IGF (insulin like growth factor), Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Amino Acid, EPA, DHA, Iron, Magnesium, Copper and hundreds more, been used for over 2,000 years, made in New Zealand......... Oh and the most important one – It Works!


There are a large number of benefits and uses dating back over 2,000 years, so we have offered a few that we are most frequently asked about –


Arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are a huge problem in the West and collectively affect around 78 million in the US alone. Arthritis being the most common of the three at 60 million per year!

There are a number of natural health supplements currently marketed to support arthritis that include – Omega 3, Chondroitin, Glucosamine, calcium and Collagen. Now I am happy to tell you that Kingly deer antler velvet contains all of the above and many more beneficial ingredients that help support arthritis naturally!

Deer antler velvet contains 390 naturally forming, 100% renewable ingredients that include - Omega 3, Chondroitin, Glucosamine, calcium and Collagen, IGF, Iron, Protein, 20 Amino Acids and many more.

All of these active ingredients are positioned perfectly to support arthritis naturally!


Kingly Life is our arthritis and joint supplement - we recommend a minimum two month cycle to see the best results.

Deer velvet is an amazing recovery supplement – AMAZING!

The reason why – deer velvet contains over 390 active ingredients that include – Omega 3, Chondroitin, Glucosamine, Protein, Calcium, Iron and many more that will improve your training and recovery time dramatically!

Kingly Velvet has created a recovery specific supplement, Kingly Active, which not only includes deer velvet, but also includes three additional amazing recovery ingredients- Liquorice, Ginseng and Angelica - to super size your training.

From our field trials we have seen up to 30% better recovery times within the first two months of using Kingly Active – these trials included a V8 Super Car driver, rugby players, weight lifters and MMA fighters.

We have also had a huge amount of feedback from customers that do triathlons, play local footy and just train casually to keep fit.


You will recover faster with Kingly Active – letting you to train harder!

Have a read about better recovery and how Kingly Active can help you get the best out of yourself!

This was not new to us, but just how well Kingly Pure worked helping ladies through menopause was a pleasant surprise!

Deer antler velvet has been given to women all round the world that are going through menopause to help assist with everything from hot flashes to loss of sex drive – and its working!


We have heard the best results from customers using our Kingly Pure product and recommend a two to three month cycle to get the best results to support the symptoms of menopause.

Of all autoimmune diseases, psoriasis is the most common and affects over 120 million people worldwide.

How do we know deer velvet helps alleviate psoriasis – my brother had been a psoriasis sufferer for over 20 years and only by chance found out the benefits of deer velvet for psoriasis.

Sean was using deer velvet for the quicker recovery of an ankle injury, but after a month of use he noticed his psoriasis was clearing up and after three months his psoriasis had almost completely gone.

We have had a number of customers over the years with similar stories of using Kingly Pure for a certain ailment and then finding their psoriasis clearing up – we also have customers that buy our product specifically to treat their psoriasis and it working great too.


Our customers have seen the best results using Kingly Pure – Result times vary, so just give it a few months to take its course.

This is what we took from our amazing free eBook – “Velvet has long been recognized as being effective for increasing both the volume and the circulation of blood though the body. As a specific remedy in traditional medicine for anemia it has been shown in experiments to have a potent erythropoietic effect, meaning that it stimulates the formation of red blood cells.

Improving the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and building the iron uptake of the red blood cells may account for its value in treating anemia.”

Take a look round the site for all things deer antler velvet

One of the most important parts of training, playing sports and being active is recovery time – keep this down and you get bigger, faster, stronger and better at what you do!

Our Kingly Active product has been developed to provide great recovery time from all things active – and boy does it work!

We are currently trialling our Active product with one of Australia’s top V8 Super Car drivers and we are seeing HUGE results. The feedback we are getting is a 30%+ better recovery from muscle cramp, aching joints, fatigue and the general aches and pains of driver a race car for 500+ kilometres per race.

There are not many sports better to trial a product in than V8 Super Cars – it has to one of the most physical and gruelling sports on the planet. So if it can work here, it can work for you


We recommend Kingly Active for 2-3 months to get the best results!

Deer velvet has been used for thousands of years to strengthen the immune system and is noted in our free deer velvet book to “strengthen the immune system and increase the body’s resistance to stress and illness” and the active ingredients said to “Every one of the minerals and trace elements found in velvet antler contribute in some way to a healthy immune system”


For two  thousand years people have been using this amazing supplement to support immune health, maybe it is time you gave it a go.....

We recommend Kingly Pure for a 2-3 month period to help strengthen your immune system.

"Women taking velvet have reported diminished symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, even to the point where periods pass by almost unnoticed.”

It has also been stated that deer velvet “increased sexual interest” and “a sense of being in touch with deeper reserves of vital energy." – These quotes are taken from our amazing free eBook by industry expert – Alison Davidson


Kingly Velvet's co-founder Kim has this to say about her experience with deer velvet, "When it came around to 'that time' of the month I was a mess. My erratic mood swings left me feeling crazy to be honest. I've been taking deer velvet for 2 years now and am happy to report that I get the odd chocolate craving and that's it - James is stoked, haha! What was once a dramatic (and tearful) event now feels like any other enjoyable day! I take Kingly Pure every day and would recommend it to any women looking to alleviate her menstrual troubles." - Kim.

Deer velvet has been given to children for centuries to support skeletal growth and brain development and is one the main uses of deer velvet in Korea to this day.


It was noted that deer velvet would assist weak and sickly children and infants that were developing or whom lacked physical stamina.


This information can be found in our free – deer antler velvet eBook.

We would recommend Kingly Active and Kingly Pure to aid the growth in children.

For centuries and to the present day deer antler velvet has been used to increase sexual energy and sexual activity in men.

The theory that deer velvet can help with sexual disorders in men comes from the strength and power of the male stag. The stag grows antlers at 2-3cm per day on the lead-up to “the roar” (mating season) to fight for the affection of the females and prove their mating worth. It is this power and growth that is seen to be the driving force behind the benefits of deer velvet for the sexual function in men.


It has been also said to be beneficial to ladies for increasing sexual drive!


Our feedback has shown that Kingly Pure and Kingly Active are the best products to support sexual function.

Deer Velvet is not only beneficial for supporting the treatment of ailments, it also offers many every day benefits too.

From boosting your energy to reducing fatigue and increasing your stamina - deer antler velvet gives you the fighting edge to be your best every day.


The reason deer  velvet has this amazing affect on the body is due to the unique combination of over 390 naturally forming ingredients including - omega 3 & 6, amino acids, proteins, glucosamine, chondroitin, lipids, iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium to name a few. 


All of our three amazing deer velvet products support increased stamina!


If you have any queries we love hearing from you - [email protected]

Here are some more of the benefits that have been reordered over the years -

-Cardiovascular disorders (anaemia, low blood pressure or hypotomia)

-Improving mental development

-Recuperation and regeneration of damaged tissue

-Improving liver function -Treatment of atherosclerosis

-Improving delayed development of teeth, closure of fontanelle

-Improving movement disorders such as delayed walking in infants

-Recovering from respiratory infection

-Neurosis and facilitation of recovery from diseased state

-For treatment of cold extremities, lumbago, clear and profuse urine, weight loss, weak bones and sinews, cold hands and feet, dysmennorhoea and leucorrhoea

-Treatment of diabetes mellitus

-Endocrinological disorders, especially hypothyroidism

-Gastrointestinal disorders (poor digestion, constipation)

-Preventing aging and loss of memory 


You can find out more in our free eBook by Alison Davidson – industry expert!
If you have a question about how deer velvet can help you, please email us – [email protected]


These benefits are a result of the 390 naturally forming ingredients, the 2,000 years of field testing and the amazing ability of Mother Nature! .


The beauty of deer velvet is, once you see the external results you can rest assured that your internal has benefited too. Deer Velvet works from the inside out and works on the internal organs first - so if you have a bad liver and are using deer velvet for a sore ankle, you might not see results on you ankle until it has helped your liver.

We get emails all the time from happy customers with great stories about how our product has helped them – from professional athletes and active people to sufferers of Osteoarthritis, Psoriasis and even multiple sclerosis.


You are looking at one of the greatest natural supplements in the world today!


You can read about the amazing benefits of deer antler velvet on many sites, but for the most informative information you should download our free deer antler velvet eBook - this has been the “go to” information book industry wide for over 10 years and is now free for you.


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Take advantage of these amazing benefits today and get a free bottle of Kingly Pure......