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Are you looking for the edge – do you want to be bigger, faster, better and stronger?

You can get this with Kingly Active - Our sports recovery and training supplement.


Kingly Active was designed with ‘active’ people in mind:

-The people hitting the gym 3-5 times a week to get toned

-The sports captain that is dedicated to winning

-The dad who plays sports socially because he still loves it

-The boys the do the 3 day split workouts

-The yummy-mummy that’s runs every morning

-The girls that catch up twice a week for Pilates class and coffee

-The old boy who still hits the surf three times a week

-People that are active!


Here’s how…

The base ingredient in Kingly Active, deer antler velvet has to be one of the most unique and amazing health supplements in the world today! It is made up of 390 naturally forming, active ingredients and is 100% renewable.

Just a few of these ingredients include – glucosamine, chondroitin, IGF-1 and 2, 20 amino acids, collagen, protein, lipids - omega 3 and 6, zinc, iron and heaps more....


The greatness is in the ingredients!


Is a naturally forming amino sugar in our body and is a key ingredient for building, maintaining and repairing joints, bone, ligaments, cartilage, joint fluid and tendons.
Glucosamine is an essential ingredient for the human body to maintain optimum joint health!



Is considered vital in maintaining the structural integrity of tissue and is a major component of cartilage. Chondroitin is necessary for regulating a diverse group of cellular activities and to stabilize normal brain synapses.

Chondroitin is very beneficial for joint mobility and general health.


IGF- 1 aids tissue growth, stimulates muscle growth, organ health, regenerates nerve tissue, maintains excellent blood sugar levels and assists the absorption of Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate. IGF-1 is made up of 70 amino acids in a single chain - with three intermolecular disulfide bridges.


IGF 2 supports the function and development of the organs such as the brain, liver and kidney and aids tissue growth. IGF-2 is secreted by the kidney, brain, pancreas and muscles. It is more target specific than IGF-1.In adults it is found to be over 600 times the concentration of insulin.


Amino Acids

Deer Velvet includes all 20 standard amino acids - including all eight essential amino acids that our body can’t produce naturally and has to get from an external source. Amino Acids are an imperative building block for the human body.



The most important protein for connective tissue in the human body and is commonly recognised to support healthy skin and hair. Collagen is an essential protein component of bones, joints, tendon, cartilage and ligament - whilst also offering vital formation for muscle elasticity.

Collagen is essential in combining joint cartilage and mending all tissue damage.



Aids tissue growth, muscle and tissue recovery, repair and support. Proteins are the main structural parts in cells and are essential to the human body!


Molecules which include hydrocarbons and form the building block of cells – including structure and function.

Lipids help boost energy and enhance cellular activity. Deer velvet consist of a number of “essential fatty acids” that can’t be produced within the body so must be acquired from an external source. There are two families here - Omega -3 and Omega -6; both of these can be found in deer velvet



Part of more than 90 enzymes necessary for healthy skin, growth and the healing of wounds.



Vital to the blood cells transferring oxygen through the body.


You are looking at most of the greatest ingredients used in modern day natural health – in one capsule!

Image how your body will recover with such a vast, complex set of nutrients running through it – you will recover quicker and allow yourself to be bigger, faster, better and stronger!


And it doesn’t end there – meet the four additional heroes that complete Kingly Active:

Angelica –is an anti-inflammatory agent that assists digestion and is an anti rheumatic. Angelica is also an effective digestive tonic.

It is quoted as being “an agent that suppresses the appearance of rheumatic disease - applied to anti-inflammatory agent.”  It is also “added to agents capable of slowing progress of the basic development in inflammatory arthritis” – deer antler velvet!

Ginseng – is a stimulant to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Ginseng is used as an adaptogen (something that increases the body's resistance to stress). Deer antler velvet is second only to ginseng for use in tradition Medicine practises throughout Asia to this day.

Liquorice – an anti-inflammatory agent.  It also calms gastric membranes used by asthmatics.

Liquorice holds a variety of compounds that offer antioxidant support, aid the immune system, maintain healthy levels of cholesterol and thin the blood. Liquorice is also an adaptogen.

Carthamiseman – Is a diuretic and anti-inflammatory agent.


Give your body two months with Kingly Active and watch your recovery time decrease naturally!


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